Basemaps, eh?: A guide to creating Canadian basemaps using {rcanvec}, {rosm} and {prettymapr}

by on November 22, 2015

The R packages {rcanvec}, {rosm} and {prettymapr} are all about creating simple, easy-to-read maps without spending too much time finding data to use as a basemap. If you’re writing a thesis, think about it as Figure 1 (where in the world is your study site) and Figure 2 (here’s my study site). This tutorial is […]

Prairie Coordinates 0.4 release

by on November 2, 2015

During the time I spent as a grad student (mostly not developing for Android), Google changed the way apps were designed and built (instead of using Eclipse, they now have their own Android Studio). Prairie Coordinates was the first app I ever built, and until this release still worked on everything Android 2.2 and up. […]

{rosm} 0.1.2 release

by on October 20, 2015

After playing a little bit with the OpenStreetMap R package, I decided that I couldn’t quite deal with its idiosyncrasies and that a new package could do things like enter coordinates in the usual (x, y) order and provide support for wrapping around the 180/-180 meridian (so one can make a proper map of Alaska). […]

{rcanvec} 0.13 release

by on October 18, 2015

After taking a GIS in R tutorial, I’m inspired to write an R interface for the CanVec+ dataset provided by GeoGratis. CanVec is a vector dataset of the data used to create Canadian topographic maps, which is very useful in creating basemaps of just about any location in Canada. By translating some code I wrote […]

{prettymapr} 0.1.1 release

by on October 11, 2015

When trying to make maps in R, a few things jumped out at me as being way harder than they had to be. In particular, scale bars, north arrows, and finding lat/lon bounding boxes seemed like projects I could solve by translating old Python code I’d written. Instead of specifying a length, position, number of […]

Introducing Canada Topo!

by on October 30, 2014

After months of poking away at this project, Fish & Whistle is proud to release the first version of Canada Topo. Canada Topo takes advantage of the free online topographic maps published by the Government of Canada. Canada Topo is designed to display the National Topographic System (NTS) grid for Canada and display topographic maps, […]

Canada Weather 1.0!

by on June 10, 2014

It’s been a 6-month odyssey, but finally Canada Weather 1.0 is ready! The trip consisted of a complete rewrite of what was otherwise a completely disjointed assembly of libraries that worked poorly together and made it difficult to fix problems. Also, trying to maintain backwards compatibility to Android 2.2 made life difficult, so once I […]

New Logo!

by on October 14, 2013

Thanks to the magical graphic design of one Lauren Peters-Collaer, Fish & Whistle has a logo! As Fish & Whistle expands to other platforms and into custom technical drawing, it feels good to have a solid image (and a solid song) behind the company’s work. To the future!

NOAA Weather Launch!

by on September 14, 2013

From the creator of Canada Weather & Radar and Canada Marine Weather comes an ad-free, feature rich and conveniently free NOAA weather app. Links directly to the NOAA mobile site for more detailed forecasts, warnings, and radar coverage. Includes widget and the ability to save as many locations as you choose to quickly switch between […]

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