Open Street Map Metadata in R

by on January 23, 2016

The Open Street Map project is an incredible resource for those interested in accessing worldwide geographic data, which is often as good or better than that provided by Google Maps. In addition to providing pre-rendered tiles that are acessible on the web, in R, or in QGIS, Open Street map provides access to the raw […]

{rcanvec} 0.1.4 release

by on January 14, 2016

Thanks to a GitHub issue raised by @HnyBadjr, I was able to fix a bug that didn’t properly parse NTS strings containing the letter “E” (in case you’re wondering, the algorithm to parse the NTS string starts at the beginning and stops parsing the series, which is a number, when the string can’t be converted […]

Canada Weather & Radar 1.1

by on December 24, 2015

After over a year without an update, it was high time Canada Weather & Radar got a facelift. Users frequently emailed requesting that alert notifications be cancellable, for dark text with transparent background for the widget, for a direct link to Environment Canada’s 24-Hour forecast for each location, and for a more modern looking user […]

{rosm} 0.1.3 release

by on December 13, 2015

We’re excited to announce a new release of the rosm package! A feature request was posted to export the images created by rosm as a raster package object, opening up possibilities for reprojecting and writing to disk OSM tiles for use in your favourite GIS. Thanks to Timothée Giraud, maintainer of the cartography package for […]


by on December 13, 2015

Recently I was tasked with organizing a large number of geotagged images extracted from several years of field data. The photos came from a GPS with a camera, but because there were tons of duplicate files, any GPS waypoints they were associated with were lost. Enter EXIF data, the format in which date/time, GPS, resolution, […]

Basemaps, eh?: A guide to creating Canadian basemaps using {rcanvec}, {rosm} and {prettymapr}

by on November 22, 2015

The R packages {rcanvec}, {rosm} and {prettymapr} are all about creating simple, easy-to-read maps without spending too much time finding data to use as a basemap. If you’re writing a thesis, think about it as Figure 1 (where in the world is your study site) and Figure 2 (here’s my study site). This tutorial is […]

Prairie Coordinates 0.4 release

by on November 2, 2015

During the time I spent as a grad student (mostly not developing for Android), Google changed the way apps were designed and built (instead of using Eclipse, they now have their own Android Studio). Prairie Coordinates was the first app I ever built, and until this release still worked on everything Android 2.2 and up. […]

{rosm} 0.1.2 release

by on October 20, 2015

After playing a little bit with the OpenStreetMap R package, I decided that I couldn’t quite deal with its idiosyncrasies and that a new package could do things like enter coordinates in the usual (x, y) order and provide support for wrapping around the 180/-180 meridian (so one can make a proper map of Alaska). […]

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