Mapping R Package Updates

by on April 12, 2016

The past few months haven’t been particularly productive on the R package front (I’ve mostly been using R for plotting lakes data), but small updates here and there have led to a bunch of exciting new features in the prettymapr, rosm, and rcanvec packages. Things like geocoding, finding a bounding box containing multiple queries, exporting OSM maps to raster file formats, exporting CanVec data for multiple NTS sheets have made a much smoother user experience using the three packages for basemap data. In particular, I’m using the rcanvec export function to make a bunch of basemaps for publications at the moment, which was part of the stimulus for getting this done. In the meantime, GeoGratis did make using CanVec data significantly easier recently (they started properly naming their files), so their data extraction tool is worth a look.

Also with this series of updates came updates to the documentation for prettymapr, rosm, and rcanvec, as well as an update to the Basemaps, eh? tutorial. Enjoy!

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