Plot.wp WordPress Plugin Release

by on November 16, 2016

Most of my development stays away from the realm of the web, but recently I’ve been stewing over a method of compiling paleolimnological data in some centralized repository such that it can be retrieved dynamically. I was also browsing in a local bookstore a few months ago and came across an interesting book entitled Building Web Apps with WordPress: WordPress as an Application Framework. My involvement with WordPress has mostly been as a user, but in browsing the book I can appreciate how WordPress takes care of the data structures and frameworks that are the foundation of any web application. As an exercise, I developed a tiny WordPress plugin that uses the Plotly.js plotting API to embed plots in posts and pages. It’s not particularly useful at the moment (currently embedding a plot requires typing out JSON, which if you’ve ever tried it, is not fun), but it serves as a useful outlet to delve into the web development scene, from which I’ve so far been absent.

(An indicator of how hard this is to use is probably the fact that I couldn’t muster a more impressive example plot than this for its inaugural release post)

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