Major ggspatial updates

by on March 28, 2017

I took the day to update ggspatial an old R project that was never published to CRAN. The idea is to create ggplot layer() calls from sp Spatial* objects using a consistent interface. Last year I wrote a blog post about how that might work, and while the usage hasn’t changed much, the implementation is now much, much, much, (much!) cleaner, and a few things have been removed that were never really going to work out. One of those is the geom_osm() function, which needs some serious soul searching given better options (like ggmap and rosm).

In the meantime, you can do some pretty seriously cool work with vector layers, including aesthetic mapping, facets, multiple projections, and more! Check it out!

ggspatial(longlake_waterdf, fill="lightblue") +
   geom_spatial(longlake_marshdf, fill="grey", alpha=0.5) +
   geom_spatial(longlake_streamsdf, col="lightblue") +

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