Prairie Coordinates version 0.2 release

by on September 17, 2012

Priaire CoordinatesI started writing Prairie Coordinates back in March after being completely and utterly confused with the Alberta Township System, which is how the entire oil & gas industry refers to job sites in western Canada. The only other apps that manage this cost money and require you to be connected to the internet, two things I feel nobody should have to do considering the entire dataset is available for free, online. A month later I had Prairie Coordinates 0.1, covering Alberta, then updated to 0.12 adding support for Saskatchewan. Unfortunately, Manitoba doesn’t publish their data in text format, and I’m not quite up to parsing ArcGIS shapefiles, but for version 0.2 I added the features I had always wanted, namely the ability to export to and import from Google Earth, since that’s where I keep my personal list of sites. The official write-up on the new version:

New in version 0.2:

  • Import and export KML and CSV files for import into Google Earth (KML) or other GIS programs (CSV).
  • National Topographic System (NTS) coordinates are now supported for Canada, including series, map area, mapsheet, block, and unit.
  • Look up NTS mapsheet information and download digital maps from GeoGratis

Visit the page on Google Play for more!

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