GopherNotes Release 0.1

by on November 2, 2012

GopherNotesAfter thinking about writing this app for the last 10 months and getting sidetracked with two others, I finally finished a passably stable version of the field-note taking app GopherNotes. It basically takes over the role of the field notebook, so that data entry and note taking are done at the same time, simplifying the import to GIS programs or Excel dramatically. Locations can be entered by UTM, Lat/Lon, picking a point from a Google Map, or from the phone’s (admittedly crappy) GPS. You can add photos to datapoints (geotagged automatically), export to Google Earth, and send your exported files by Email, Bluetooth, or whatever your favourite file-sharing app happens to be.

Current issues include a problem rotating photos and viewing them in GoogleEarth, which doesn’t read EXIF data. The phone apparently is too lazy to do this itself, but diligently records the information about how the photo should be rotated. Rest assured, the team is working on it, although dealing with multimedia is not my strong suit.

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