Canada Weather 0.2

by on February 7, 2013

Canada Weather on Google PlayThis update was a long time coming, partly because so many people are using this app now that I’m nervous to try anything new, and partly because it required that I learn how to do three completely new things in Android – Services, Broadcast Receivers, and WidgetProviders. Widgets in particular can be very tricky, and Services seem like they’re straightforward but get killed whenever the phone sleeps, which is very often. Thus, the quest to migrate Canada Weather to Environment Canada’s XML feed, add radar imagery, and make a desktop widget turned out to be a tall order, now hopefully complete. I can only hope that it works as well on every single other phone as it does on mine. If not, I’m deeply sorry to all 5,804 of you, but it might be a rough couple of days.

  • Canada Weather on Google Play

Next up: French language translation, animated radar imagery, and more widget options. Stay tuned!

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