Prairie Coordinates 0.3

by on March 30, 2013

Prairie CoordinatesThis version of Prairie Coordinates (renamed Prairie Coordinates Plus) is a completely rewritten version of the app. Because this was the first app I ever wrote (a year ago), the code was extremely complicated and needed some serious upgrading – hence the complete rewrite. As part of this I added the two features that were most requested – support for using quarter sections (SE, SW, NE, NW, etc.) instead of legal subdivision, and support for locations west of the 1st meridian. There’s also plenty of new features like searching by address, searching by mapsheet name and more.

Getting technical, this app completely changes the way data is stored. Before, the database contained all 4 corners of each township; now, it just contains a north/south/east/west/ limit. This means each township is approximated, although from testing so far it appears to be a very good and extremely effective space-saving approximation.

This version now costs $2, although the old version is still free…mostly reflecting the large amount of time it took me to process data from 4 provinces and rewrite the entire application. Enjoy!

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