Gophernotes 0.2!

by on July 1, 2013

note-pencil-iconCompared to the 17,000 of you that use Canada Weather, the 33 loyal GopherNotes users have been on the backburner for quite some time. As the pet project that I started writing apps to make, GopherNotes hasn’t exactly caught on, probably because of the lack of attention to things like crashing and user interface. I still haven’t gotten the interface as smooth as I would like it, but it’s certainly better than it was before, and thanks to some experience with Prairie Coordinates and Canada Weather, it’s running a whole lot more smoothly.

Also implemented was a suggestion by a geologist friend to allow collection of audio as well as video and photos so that it’s possible to describe what you’re seeing in case you’re not in a position to write it down or type it with a really terrible phone keyboard. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to get these to play in a KMZ file in GoogleEarth, but they do play on your phone and export by ZIP if you’d like that to happen.

But what I’m really excited about is the new Maps feature. This lets you add custom KMZ files to your projects that contain Ground Overlays, and while it’s tough to line them up perfectly, it extends the offline capacity for data collection.

This brings me to the part that I’m really really really excited about (but probably just because of how long it took me to write…): the interpolation feature. If you don’t know what interpolation is…think pretty color map telling you where the highs and lows of your data are just minutes after you collect your data. This is viewed within the Google Maps activity, so you can do all the lovely things you’ve always been able to do there, such as view your GPS location, add points, and edit data. On top of all of that, any custom maps you add to the project (including interpolations) can be nicely exported to KMZ format and emailed at a moment’s notice.

see!? so pretty!

see!? so pretty!

There’s certainly a long way to go to make this app the kind of ‘GIS lite’ I’d imagined it to be, but until I get a few more bites it’s hard to justify spending the time to make it happen. Keep sending in the suggestions!

And did I mention the new icon? Now I really only have one app that is just a picture of a gopher.

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