Canada Marine Launch

by on July 31, 2013

Canada MarineWith the discovery of the Environment Canada Marine XML feed, I decide to tackle the challenge of an additional weather app. It takes quite a bit of moving things around to create a base weather app that can then be extended to make Canada Weather & Radar, Canada Marine, and eventually a NOAA version when I get the time. I’ve had quite a few requests from Canada Weather users to make a foray into the marine end of things, so I’m glad to have finished the project, which also helped in improving my KML library and gave me some practice parsing XML and mining web pages for useful information. Probably the biggest accomplishment is knowing how to structure custom Android libraries…such as one for mapping, location/geometry, dealing with units…to avoid copy/pasting too much code. Next step: porting the weather library to NOAA and the U.S. (which also provides a decent XML format) and translating the Canadian apps into French.

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