Canada Weather 0.5 Series Updates

by on September 8, 2013

Canada Weather on Google PlayFor a few months there have been a number of comments on how to improve Canada Weather, the most important of which was a French translation. With the help of O. Kuzin (a retired professional translator) and my limited french I was able to piece together a workable french translation of the Canada Weather and Marine Weather apps, fixing a few bugs in the process. The widget is now slightly smaller (3×1…which I’ve already had complaints about because it won’t center on a 4×5 screen), it updates more reliably, and you can now get notifications to pop up whenever there’s a warning for any of the cities you have a widget for (and it never bugs you about the same warning more than once!).

Next up: Current temperature in the menu bar, and transparency options for the widget background, and a NOAA (U.S.) version of the app (coming very soon!).

Also…more than 25,000 users! Keep at it, folks.

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