NOAA Weather Launch!

by on September 14, 2013

Objects-Umbrella-iconFrom the creator of Canada Weather & Radar and Canada Marine Weather comes an ad-free, feature rich and conveniently free NOAA weather app. Links directly to the NOAA mobile site for more detailed forecasts, warnings, and radar coverage. Includes widget and the ability to save as many locations as you choose to quickly switch between forecasts. Turn on warning notifications to have notifications sent to your phone any time NOAA issues a watch or warning by adding a new widget.

There are, of course, a number of other options for NOAA weather apps. NOAA itself has a wonderful mobile site, in addition to several apps that offer radar and better tablet integration (but no warning notifications even in the paid versions!). Seeing as people pay me to buy my apps sometimes, the fact that I’m too cheap to pay for the NOAA apps that currently exist seems ironic, but the gold standard app is also free, so people generally aren’t willing to pay if there isn’t something unique about the app, which for this app (and the other NOAA apps) really doesn’t apply. Enjoy and send me suggestions!

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