Canada Weather 1.0!

by on June 10, 2014

Canada Weather on Google PlayIt’s been a 6-month odyssey, but finally Canada Weather 1.0 is ready! The trip consisted of a complete rewrite of what was otherwise a completely disjointed assembly of libraries that worked poorly together and made it difficult to fix problems. Also, trying to maintain backwards compatibility to Android 2.2 made life difficult, so once I got my Android 4.0 phone up and running I started writing…and a semester of school later here we are! New features include improved widget updating, a resizable widget, smarter weather notifications (for when warnings are issued), faster loading, improved look & feel, and from a developer standpoint (not that you really care) – easier to understand! Thanks for all the feedback in the past few days, all the big things wrong should now be fixed. Also, thanks for all the donations! You guys are the best.

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