{rcanvec} 0.13 release

by on October 18, 2015

After taking a GIS in R tutorial, I’m inspired to write an R interface for the CanVec+ dataset provided by GeoGratis. CanVec is a vector dataset of the data used to create Canadian topographic maps, which is very useful in creating basemaps of just about any location in Canada. By translating some code I wrote in Python years ago that calculates NTS sheet by math (and not a database of lat/lon corners) to R, I was able to make NTS sheets (which nobody really knows about anymore) mostly abstracted away from the user (if the user tries to plot a large area they may figure this out in a hurry, though). Using the documentation provided by GeoGratis, layers are referred to as human-readable names (e.g. “road” instead of “tr_1760009”), which only even makes sense if you’ve tried to work with CanVec data in the past.

Find the package on CRAN, or GitHub!

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