{prettymapr} 0.1.1 release

by on October 11, 2015

When trying to make maps in R, a few things jumped out at me as being way harder than they had to be. In particular, scale bars, north arrows, and finding lat/lon bounding boxes seemed like projects I could solve by translating old Python code I’d written. Instead of specifying a length, position, number of divisions, etc. for a scale bar, it’s now possible to type addscalebar() and be done with it. addnortharrow() does the same thing, and prettymap() takes the liberty of fixing your margins and adding both a scale bar and north arrow (unless you specify otherwise, of course). searchbbox() is an adaptation of ggmap::geocode() that spits out a bounding box instead of a single lat/lon position.

View the new release on CRAN or the GitHub repository.

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