Dewey is an environmental researcher and programmer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dewey’s academic research is in paleolimnology, or the use of lake sediments to track environmental change, and its applications to the water and wastewater industry. Dewey’s passion for technology has led him to develop mobile applications (Canada Weather, Prairie Coordinates, Canada Topo) and R packages (rcanvec, rosm, prettymapr, exifr, rclimateca), among other technological endeavors. Dewey enjoys developing technological solutions for environmental problems, and applying ideas from the environmental sector to his technological work. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the Centre for Water Resources Studies at Dalhousie University.



Software Applications

  • RClimateCa – Seamless access to Canadian climate data
    This R package automates the process of obtaining Canadian climate data, particularly when high-resolution data is needed across a long period of time. Accepted to the CRAN repository December 2016. Available at
  • Prettymapr – Tools for creating publication-ready maps in R
    This R package automates the process of adding scale bars, north arrows, and borders around maps with a minimal, intuitive interface. The package also interfaces with geocoding APIs to easily retrieve coordinates based on human-readable names for the purpose of rapid publication-ready mapping in R. Accepted to the CRAN package repository October 2015. Available at
  • QOSM – Open Street Maps tiles in QGIS
    This QGIS plugin enables downloading and use Open Street Map and other tiled basemap sources from within the open-source GIS application QGIS. Used GDAL and QGIS Python bindings to create a framework for rendering base map tiles with a PyQt-based user interface. Accepted to the QGIS plugin repository January 2016. Available at
  • Canada Weather & Radar – Environment Canada Weather in Android
    Canada Weather is a small, free weather app for Android that uses publicly available weather data from Environment Canada. The app makes it possible to view animated radar imagery, current conditions, and forecasts for multiple locations including alerts for weather warnings and notifications. Available on the Google Play Store since November 2012 at
  • RCanVec – Easy access to free Canadian vector data from R
    RCanVec provides an interface to the National Topographic System (NTS), which is the way in which a number of freely available Canadian datasets are organized. CanVec and CanVec+ datasets, which include all data used to create Canadian topographic maps, are two such datasets that are useful in creating vector-based maps for locations across Canada. This package searches CanVec data by location, plots it using pretty defaults, and exports it to shapefiles with human-readable names for use in another GIS. Accepted to the CRAN package repository October 2015. Available at
  • Prairie Coordinates Plus – Directions to oilfield locations from Android
    Prairie Coordinates Plus is an app written for Android to approximate and convert locations of Legal Land Descriptions (LLD), National Topographic System (NTS) coordinates, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates, for use in oil producing areas of Canada. With smart export an import formats, Prairie Coordinates Plus has high ratings and positive reviews. Available on the Google Play Store since June 2012 at
  • ROSM – Plot Open Street Map tiles in R
    ROSM provides an interface to easily plot tiles from Open Street Maps, Bing Maps, and other tiled sources using a minimal amount of code. Adopted by the Cartography package for use in its base map plotting routines. Accepted to the CRAN package repository October 2015. Available at
  • Canada Topo – Free Canadian topographic maps in Android
    Canada Topo is designed to display the National Topographic System (NTS) grid for Canada and display topographic maps published by the government. It also acts as a basic GPS, offering tracking and waypoint functions as well as GPX/KML export. The key feature of this app is that topographic maps are available for offline use, enabling its use in remote locations. Available on the Google Play Store since November 2014 at

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